"......Don't bore us, get to the chorus!"

Adam Powers (born 22 May 1975) is a Danish-American songwriter. He was born in Maryland, USA to a Danish mother and an American father, but grew up in Denmark. Adam has written songs for pop and dance artists such as Kylie Minogue, Medina, Infernal, Tohoshinki, Dj Aligator and Barcode Brothers. As of 2010 his songs have sold more than 7 million units worldwide.

His relationship with Danish
Infernal took his career to a new level. Dragging out an old song called "From Paris To Berlin" and giving it new life through a session with his pals from Infernal, led to a hit record. "From Paris To Berlin" spent more than 12 weeks in the top ten of the UK singles chart in the Spring of 2006, peaking at #2. In the UK singles chart summary of 2006, "From Paris To Berlin" topped the PopClub chart and was the 4th most sold single in the UK that year. In total the single has sold more than 1.7 million copies. It
is on more than 2.5 million compilations worldwide.

Through the years Adam Powers has worked with several producers, writers and artists such as Michael Garvin (J-lo, Cher, George Benson), Jaakko Salovaara (Darude, Bomfunk MC’s), Mikko Tamminen (Sean Kingston), Anders Borgius (Celine Dion), Cutfather & Jonas Jeberg (Kylie, Pussycat Dolls, Jordin Sparks etc.), Epicentre (N'Sync), Gil Cang (Michael Jackson), Infernal and Medina.

In August 2006 Adam co-wrote "Like A Drug" for Kylie Minogue's album "X".

In March 2009 Adam co-wrote "Survivor" for one of the biggest boybands in Japan, Tohoshinki - the single went straight in as #3 in Japan and surpassed 100,000 units! The album "The Secret Code" went straight in as #2 and has today sold more than 250,000 units!

Later in 2009 Adam Powers also co-wrote Medina's "You & I" which was a major hit all over Europe and in the US.

In February 2010 Adam Powers' "Survivor" hit #1 in Japan on Tohoshinki's "Best Selection DVD".

At the moment Adam is collaborating with various Danish and International producers, writers and artists, and the mission is clear........"Dont bore us, get to the chorus"!